SLE Features in Infant Journal Article

The January issue of the Infant Journal features an excellent article with guidelines by Professor Peter Rimensberger entitled “The Open Lung Technique for Preventing Chronic Lung Disease in Preterm Infants”. SLE is pleased to include Professor Rimensberger as a speaker in their worldwide education programme, showing customers some of the advantages of the open lung technique and delighted to have this article included in the journal.

As part of the launch of the new SLE6000 ventilator SLE has sponsored this article to highlight the use and efficacy of recruitment in the neonate. The SLE6000 is particularly well suited for use with open lung therapy with its Lunar™ interface, featuring a high resolution screen, simultaneous trending of PIP & PEEP and easy access to PIP and PEEP controls for easy increase/decrease of pressures.

Lung recruitment manoeuvres can be considered in patients presenting with hypoxia with restrictive lung pathology, i.e. reduced lung volumes due to collapse, inflammation or diffuse loss of lung aeration (as characteristic of the immature lung with surfactant deficiency).

The article goes into some depth on how to recruit the alveoli and is a useful tool in reminding practitioners of the steps involved.

Definitely worth a read…please email for details on where to find the article.

There was not enough space to show references in the article, so we have listed them below:

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